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The End?

Well, this post marks the end of a journey…maybe permanently.

In 2004, the idea of fotonni was first developed. Shortly afterward, we organized a ministry around the idea. Over the years that ministry has expanded in other areas, but fotonni was always an important part.

In 2008, I wrote my first blog for fotonni. The blogosphere was young, and I soon learned I was not ready for it.

In 2012, I began blogging weekly. And have posted at least one new post almost every week for nearly 10 years now.

But that ends today. This will be the last weekly blog for awhile. And maybe for quite some time. And maybe forever.*

*I will still post my short book reviews each quarter for now. And because of that I will also post my current quarter’s reading list.

This decision does not come lightly, and frankly it would have been easier on me to have made this decision a few months ago. I have been crazy busy, and believe the purpose of the blog had really stabilized. That last thought continues to make it difficult to suspend (at least) this blog.

But the reality is that virtually no one reads it any longer. For those that do, I appreciate it. But really, when I say virtually no one, most days less than 3 are reading it. Over the last month, the site has had less than 30 visitors except for one odd day, but it appears only one of those exceptions returned. (I can only see at the country level, so “appears” is not easily discerned.)

The truth is that many other blogs provide similar content. I won’t say whether or not they are better, but the readers have. And that is ok. Everything ends at some point.

But my (our) ministry is not ending. When I mentioned my thoughts of ending this to my daughter Nicole (who has edited this blog and chosen pictures for this blog since we moved to this site a few years ago), she commented that I need to focus on other projects now.

And she is right.

Those other opportunities have been mentioned in this space before, but I will share them here in case you want to continue to track with me.

I will still be hosting two different podcasts.

I may begin blogging here or using the extra time to begin posting the interviews to YouTube and producing transcripts. You can find the podcast on most apps or online at the direct link

I also plan to renew my efforts in training pastors in under-resourced areas.

I may renew blogging on that site and/or we may begin a newsletter in the coming months. If you would like to contribute to this ministry, it is a recognized 501(c)3, so contributions can be tax-deductible. You can find out more information on the site.

Of course, I plan to continue to teach education and administration-type classes.

And, my primary focus, must continue to be to lead our church forward.

You can find my sermon notes on the church’s page. (We did lose several years of posts when we switched sites late last year. You can also find videos on our church’s YouTube page (

And, I will be writing. As I mentioned above, I may still blog on CEW or perhaps even on PTC. But I have three books floating in my head (and some notes on paper) that need to be written. Of course, that is a multi-year process, but I guess that means I need to begin.

I have not yet returned to social media on my personal accounts. And I am still not certain if I will. You can track with the individual ministries under their own names (Christian Educator Weekly, Pastor Training Community, Fairfax Baptist Church – fotonni was always only under 4L Ministries).

So, once again, this may be the last regular post. I will continue to keep the website for at least a year or two at which time, we may move these articles over to the 4L Ministries website.

I do appreciate all those who have read the blog over the years. I pray that you have been encouraged and inspired over the years (on this site and previously on Blogger). I have enjoyed bringing my understanding of living in, not of to you – when I was doing well, and when I was not.

But now it is time to say goodbye. But before I sign off completely, let me simply type one last time that we are to live fotonni. This world is backwards (or upside down or whatever), but if we live in, not of the world, we can do our part to turn the world around (again, a play on turning the word around).

That is all.

Because He Lives,

Dr. Andy Braams

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