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Below the table you will find a brief description of why the table is constructed as it is.

Andy’s reading list for the 4th Quarter, 2020.

The STEP relates to the five-step process in fulfilling my vision plus one extra for personal enjoyment.

The ROLE relates to areas in my life where I have responsibility to lead others. LEAVE is left blank regarding the role because leaving could be related to any number of items – such as moving (which affects the church), dying (which affects a lot), etc.

The GREAT relates to the five parts of living a faithful life for Jesus. Many are familiar with the Great Commandment (Mark 12.30-31) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28.18-20), but I have included three others, and included them in the sequence they are found in the Bible (Calling – Matthew 4.19), Confession (Matthew 16.16), Commandment, Commission, with the exception of the Commendation which comes in Matthew 25.21,23, but which we will hear after our life on earth is done if we follow the lead of our Lord.

The PURPOSE relates to the primary aspect for reading books related to a particular STEP.

The book titles in each quarter are the books I intend/have read in a particular quarter. The titles under extra relate to books I am reading/listening to myself (AB) or with my wife (ASB).

The books listed will certainly cross-over into other roles. For instance, principles I learn from the class I teach at MBTS will benefit the church I serve as well. Additionally, leadership books I read should greatly impact other areas (roles) of my life as well.

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