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Follow Me

“Follow Me.” – Jesus

“Make disciples.” – Jesus

As a Christian Educator, I have learned the value of teaching for cognitive (head), affective (heart), and psychomotor (hands) learning. In the next two weeks, I want to share how Jesus’ command not only captures each of those three learning domains, but also how the two quotes above encapsulate Jesus’ plan and model for discipleship, while connecting both quotes to the 4L’s, and thus the SYSTEM, I have been writing about for months.

This week, I begin with Jesus’ words to “Follow Me.”

These words are found in Matthew 4.19. Some will consider them an invitation. Others will hear them as a command. I think both can be true. But my purpose is not to parse that difference. Instead, I want to show how it fits the SYSTEM, specifically by sharing how the statements fit the 4Ls. (Based upon the previous posts, I will allow you to extrapolate how Jesus’ words fit the rest of the SYSTEM.)

“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” – Matthew 4.19

From the outset of Jesus’ public ministry He preaches the need to repent and of the coming kingdom of God (Mark 1.15). And from the very beginning, a part of His calling is for people to follow. Again, the following is short (and hopefully sweet), but more will be detailed in the coming weeks and months.

Follow Me – The decision to follow is made by the head. In following, we LEARN how we are to arrange our lives…what is important to God and therefore should be important to us. It is also at this point that we begin to practice what we have learned/are learning. In following Jesus, we not only learn how to LIVE, but we learn to actually LIVE – by faith. As we are further transformed, we become better prepared to receive Jesus’ promise to make us (continually).

And I Will Make You – Jesus is the do-er here. He is changing us. He will “make us.” He will transform us. Ultimately, that kind of change is made at the heart level. While discipleship always requires an element of learning, that learning will cause us to live differently because of the change that has occurred within us. As we realize the change is for the better, we not only LIVE differently, but we begin to LOVE this difference in our lives. Ultimately, we cannot move to the next step without loving, because without loving the difference within ourselves, and without loving others, we will never be determined to make other disciples. Thus, to LIVE and to LOVE must both affect the heart to the point of being willing to become fishers of men. 

Fishers of Men – We are the do-ers again. Having been shown what to do, and been “made” to do it, we are the ones now called to “fish.” We are now the ones that will LEAD others. Others will now LEARN from us as what we have learned from those who are leading us. Of course, to follow our LEAD, and then to make disciples of Christ themselves, is to continue to follow us even as we continue to follow Christ ourselves. In 1 Corinthians 11.1, Paul says, “Imitate me, as I imitate Christ.” This is what it means to be a disciple-making disciple. One that is leading others even as they continue to LEARN themselves.

Although this explanation is fairly brief, it is packed with a great deal of truth. The 4L Model of Discipleship (which I use to help make disciples) was actually first conceived from Matthew 4.19 several years ago. Thus, it is only natural that I share this verse with you and the connection between the SYSTEM and this verse. Again, I encourage you to go back to the previous post for clarification of the 4Ls (the PROCESS) in light of the rest of the SYSTEM.

Next week, I will move from the beginning of Jesus’ earthly ministry in Matthew 4 to the last of Jesus’ words recorded by Matthew when He told the initial disciples (and by extension His disciples today) to “make disciples.” In that passage, we will see the significance of the 5th L (Leave) as well.

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