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CEW is Launching

The wait is over.

Ok, so not everyone has been waiting, but some have, and for those who have, the wait ends Monday, November 4.

You may recall that during the first part of this year, I did a series on administering the church. It is natural for me to talk about such matters because it is one of the courses I teach at seminary. But, frankly, it represented a drift from the overall purpose of this blog. If I squint and look hard enough, I can see a connection, but, well, fotonni is not meant for that purpose.

So, in the last post in June, I mentioned a change in venue for that topic, and then in August, the details were revealed. Those details include not only the beginning of a new blog (coming in 2020), but a new podcast (which debuts Monday!).

The podcast is called Christian Educator Weekly (CEW). The purpose of the podcast (and later blog) is to not only to share information about administering a church, but to provide helpful ideas and information about education within the church as well. Or as the mission statement says, Christian Educator Weekly exists to:

Help teachers and leaders better educate the people in their churches and steward the ministries they serve.

The initial episode, an introduction to the podcast, went live over a week ago, but will be updated with a “cleaner verson” (editing some um’s and uh’s) for the launch date on Monday. Episodes 2 and 3 feature an interview with Dr. Rodney Harrison. Dr. Harrison shares a bit of the need for such a podcast based upon his background and expertise. Both of these episodes will be live on Monday, November 4th.

Although the podcast is called Christian Educator Weekly, the next episodes (episodes 4 and 5) will go live in December. Then, beginning in 2020, the plan is to have a weekly episode with educational topics filling the first three weeks each month and administrative topics on the fourth week. For any month with a fifth Monday (the day we plan to release new episodes), a variety of options will be explored for the content on such a day.

Much more can, and will, be said about this podcast in the future, even on this site. You might wonder why on this site? Well, to live in, not of, requires us to be growing in our faith. Growth requires education. Therefore, while CEW has its own space, if the topics relate, I will put a link in this blog because ultimately, whether or not you think you are a leader, someone is watching you, and copying you, and that makes you a leader.

Therefore, in order to help you, me, and everyone else to be better at not only teaching others, but teaching them to observe all that Jesus said (Matthew 28.19), we need reminders, tips, and explanations on the whys and hows, in order to not only live our lives in not of, but to help others do so as well.

If you are interested in listening to the podcast, you will find it each week on the CEW website at The player is embedded near the top of the page. (Please note, this address might change to drop the numbering after the slash.)

However, you may also listen through a number of podcast sites and apps including:

iTunes –

Stitcher –

Spotify – Search for Christian Educator Weekly and “Follow”

Google Play Music – Search for Christian Educator Weekly and “Subscribe”

TuneIn ––Spirituality-Podcas/Christian-Educator-Weekly-p1264870/

Radio Public –

Additionally, some of the episodes (mainly some, but not all) of the interviews will be on the CEW YouTube channel.

I am excited about this new venture. I believe it is a major part in God’s purpose for me to help to turn the world around. (Remember, fotonni is the words “in not of” spelled backwards, and the idea is to turn the world around, which is a play on turn the words around.)

I pray that the new podcast and blog will encourage many people to turn the small corner of their world around.

Most importantly, I pray that God will be glorified.

After all, that is the reason for living in, not of.

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