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Announcing CEW

This blog is meant to help us to live in, not of the world. In fact, that is the title of this blog in reverse. fotonni are the letters to the words “in not of” spelled backwards. The idea is that Christians should see this world as different than God intended. Instead of doing something upside-down, I chose to reverse the order of the letters.

fotonni was the first emphasis of my personal ministry. By personal ministry, I mean what I do outside of my role on staff at a church. fotonni began in late 2003 and has largely focused on blogging over the past 7+ years. However, my ministry has expanded over the past 16 years and now includes teaching at a college and seminary, consulting with other churches, leading a mission organization to train under-resourced church leaders around the world, and, of course, serving my local church as pastor.

A couple of years ago, my “What’s next?” included the launch of our mission organization named Pastor Training Community (PTC). To date, we have had discussions with pastors and church leaders in several countries and at our recent Board Meeting, we decided to adapt our training model in the near future. To date, we have trained in Kenya and Honduras, and plan to visit other countries in the future.

But now let’s move to 2019 and the announcement.

As I mentioned above, this blog began in 2012 on blogger. Last Fall, it moved to this site and often covers some aspect of what I am currently processing in my own life (like the current series on prayer), what I am currently teaching my church, or, as in the first part of 2019, what I teach at the seminary (MBTS).

During the first part of this year, I did a series on this blog about some aspects of administering the church. This is a class I teach regularly at the seminary, but also related to a sermon series I am doing this year entitled, Healthy Body, Healthy Church which is focused on how the systems of the human body (e.g  skeletal system, respiratory system, etc.) relate to the needs of the church body (i.e. the Body of Christ).

Another important part of the first 6 months of this year was my role in developing three new courses related to Christian Education. These courses cover a great deal of information related to helping church leaders be prepared to lead their church’s educational ministry.

During those six months, much of my life was spent focused on teaching and preparing to teach the church about administration and education. It was during that time that I began to see a greater need for covering these topics. It was also during times of reflection that God began to show me how I could be a part of serving that need beyond my church and beyond the classroom.

From those moments with God and through the process of journaling a new idea was conceived. My first call was to a colleague at the seminary to get his thoughts. His exact words were, “Interesting timing.” He was very intrigued and gave me some thoughts which revealed that he had been researching some data related to the idea. His goal was more expansive than the idea I shared, but my idea was certainly within the scope of what he was researching.

And thus, Christian Educator Weekly was born.

Christian Educator Weekly (CEW) will launch later this Fall (currently, the goal is early October). By January of 2020, the goal is for CEW to be a weekly podcast and blog covering concepts related to Christian education (primarily for the church) and church administration. Currently, the goal will be to have educational topics covered the first three weeks each month and administrative matters covered on the fourth week. On months having a “fifth week,” the podcast will be flexible, and may even be “live” from time to time.

The format for the podcast will be mostly in the interview format with various subject matter experts and church leaders sharing their insights on educating and/or administrating the church. Ultimately, the podcast will be a hybrid (with me occasionally doing the show solo), but mostly it is intended to be interview-based. Several great guests have already agreed to be on the show in the first few months as the podcast launches.

So, that is the big announcement. Again, the podcast is scheduled to launch in early October. The website is As we get started, we plan to make the podcast available on a variety of platforms, but it may take us a few months to get everything in place. Thus, we are doing a soft-launch in the Fall, with episodes about every other week, to allow us to work out our processes, and then be weekly at the beginning of the new year.

This announcement has also necessitated a more formal restructuring of our ministry. Next week, I will share the details related to those changes. But, for the readers of this blog, don’t worry, this blog will continue.

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