fotonni is a word made from listing the letters to the words “in not of” in reverse order. Jesus prayed that His disciples would not be of the world, even as He was not of the world (John 17.14). Much of this world is currently backwards as to the things of God, and the word fotonni is a reminder that we must remain faithful to our call and do our part in turning the world around (which leads to the idea of turning the word around).

Learning to live in, not of (fotonni) and teaching others to do the same is the foundational premise which drives the ministry of ASNAB Ministries.

Dr. Andy Braams is the primary author of this blog. Dr. Braams (Andy) currently serves as the pastor of Fairfax Baptist Church in Fairfax, Missouri, an adjunct professor at Spurgeon College and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Founder/Chairman of Pastor Training Community. Andy is married (Susan) and has a daughter (Nicole) who is married (Sam) and a son (Andrew) who are grown and serving in various ministry roles as well.

For more about the reasoning behind fotonni, please see this link. You can find books Andy is currently reading here (updated quarterly).

This blog was previously hosted at fotonni.blogspot.com. Articles prior to October of 2018 can be found at that location.

Andy and Susan’s 25th anniversary vow renewal. From left to right: Sam, Nicole, Susan, Andy, and Andrew.