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In 2019, I am leading the church I serve to better understand what it means to be the Body of Christ. I began this past Sunday by laying the groundwork for the series and sharing that we, as a body, need a head – and that head is Jesus (see Colossians 1.18).

This series is not just theory, but rather is meant to be practical. It is meant to help us become a healthier body because a healthy body makes a healthy church. (That is the series title, “Healthy Body, Healthy Church.”) The idea is that just like a healthy human body is generally capable of doing more than one that is not healthy, the same is true for the church. If a church body is healthy, and following the Head, then it should be capable of doing more than if the church body is unhealthy. I will discuss more of this in the coming weeks (and even months), but for now, let me tie this post back to last week’s post about goals and purpose.

If you have been reading this blog since it was previously hosted on blogger, you know that I am a planner. The questions I posted last week were meant to be a help to anyone who read them, but they certainly were meant for me as well. Let me briefly reflect on each question below.

What are your primary goals this year?

I have several related to the various areas of my life. For the church, you see the idea of health is paramount and I will be further develop these thoughts over the course of this year.

For PTC, the goal is to expand to a few more locations (countries?) this year. In addition, we need to extend the donor base, and record videos for the teaching sessions. All of these will likely be recurring goals in the coming years as well.

For MBTS, I am planning on revising one of the classes I teach to make the class even more practical. Additionally, I am in the midst of developing a few classes for the Online Department, so completing those classes in addition to my other responsibilities is critical.

Personally, I have a few significant goals, but I am not ready to share them yet.

Why are those goals important?

My call is to serve the church. Each of these areas is about serving God’s Church – in my Jerusalem (where I pastor), in my Judea and Samaria (MBTS) and around the world (PTC). So, the goals above are important because they are my part of helping to fulfill the Great Commission.

How will these goals impact your life’s purpose?

My vision is to become the man God wants me to be (based upon Ephesians 4.1 and 5.1). To fulfill my life’s purpose, I must follow what He commands me to do. Of course, I do not do this perfectly (not nearly), but where I do succeed I move closer to fulfilling my vision.

What can you do this month to begin fulfilling those goals?

January is a month of new beginnings. The work I am doing at MBTS and PTC is a continuation of what I have been doing (in many ways). However, the new focus at the church will be challenging in many ways. Thus, my major need in January is to communicate the goals I have for the church, to help people not only hear, but understand, and get them to respond in becoming active and healthy members of Christ’s body.

What will you do today towards those goals?

Honestly, today I type this as I prepare to take a break. Being on a mission trip is busy, but can be relaxing because it is a different type of work. But apart from two mission trips in 2018, I really haven’t had an extended break. And that is what I am preparing to do to rejuvenate myself for the coming year.

How does my relationship with God influence my response to the questions above?

Really, all of the previous answers reflect the reality of God’s influence on my life.

If Jesus was to make a resolution related to you this year, what would it be? Are you willing to live up to whatever expectation He has for you? I think the best answer to this lies in my need to spend more personal time with God. The old adage that we can get too busy doing ministry that we don’t take time to minister can be re-characterized as we can get so busy serving God that we miss being with God. That has been true in certain parts of my life and the Luke 10 passage of Martha and Mary certainly fits. I think Jesus would ask me to take more time to sit at his feet. If I want to truly honor Him, I need to take more time to be alone with Him.

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