A Gaze Ahead

As we begin a new year, it is a time when most people take inventory on the past year and look ahead to the coming year. Here are a few questions and a key thought to help us consider what is truly important.

What are your primary goals this year?

Why are those goals important?

How will those girls impact your life’s purpose?

What can you do this month to begin fulfilling those goals?

What will you do today towards those goals?

How does my relationship with God influence my response to the questions above?

And finally, here is a thought in the form of two more questions.

If Jesus was to make a resolution related to you this year, what would it be? Are you willing to live up to whatever expectation He has for you?

Whatever your responses are to the questions above, and whatever your intentions are for 2019, make the most of the year that God has given you. I will do what I can to inspire, encourage, and even challenge you along the way.

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